Life in snippets

Ten weeks ago I was furiously cleaning my house in anticipation of possibly going into labor, though I had no idea that I would actually give birth in just a couple of days. My swollen feet matched my ripe belly, and I was fueled purely by frustration. I did not love being pregnant. I did … [Read more…]

depression followup

Following my last post, I feel compelled to point out that my struggle with depression and the care I receive for it are well established. That is, depression in our household is as banal as any of our other life realities. We buy grain free dog food, the trash gets picked up on Fridays, and—sometimes … [Read more…]

Tastes Like Ashes

There’s this scene from the movie Melancholia where chronically-depressed character Justine (Kiersten Dunst) tries to sit down to a nice dinner with her sister’s family. She’s as optimistic as she can manage, given that she’s been in bed depressed, unable to bathe or function. She smilingly takes a bite and begins chewing, but her face changes almost … [Read more…]