the ex factor

In realizing that I had referenced two of my ex boyfriends by my sixth post here, it occurred to me that perhaps I should elaborate. Some people collect Precious Moments figurines, some people collect cars, some people collect stamps. Me? I apparently collect ex boyfriends. This was never part of my life plan, it’s just … [Read more…]


Recently I was on the phone with an ex boyfriend of mine with whom I still maintain a reasonably good rapport. That’s an awkward mouthful, and I could just say a friend, but the fact that we were once romantically involved is relevant to the story in that we cohabited for a little over a … [Read more…]

The angel opens her eyes

Exactly one month ago my mother died. My mom. Mama. I write those words, say them aloud to people, say them aloud to the dog, to myself when I am alone. My mom is dead. She passed away. She’s gone. I say them and I write them, but still they are not real. They are … [Read more…]


Like his brother, Fenton is a Fancy Rat. He was named for this video, a video that I have watched dozens of times and that still makes me laugh until I cry. Fenton and Oliver are blood brothers. They are also brothers in the way that they are both my children. They are not brothers like … [Read more…]