criminally smooth

Sometime in the early-mid-nineties when I was about ten, my oldest sister and I were spending the summer with our dad and step-mom in a sleepy Midwestern town with a population of less than a thousand. They both worked all day, and our step-brother and step-sister were usually away at their dad’s house or at … [Read more…]

Vagina havingness

Vagina havingness is a condition that affects around half of the world’s population. It is a tricky predicament in that vaginas and their auxiliary parts are simultaneously delicate and tyrannical. Caring for that whole system is sort of like caring for a terrarium or a saltwater fish tank in that the meticulous attention required to keep … [Read more…]

Should happens

Handfuls of mostly-formed posts sit unpublished, waiting for me to put finishing touches on them. Multiple times a day, I mentally poke myself with scathing shame for my seeming inability to keep up with All the Things, one of which is this website. The very outlet that was meant to offset my anxiety has become … [Read more…]

Christmas vat of fat

As the Christmas season descends upon us, it is impossible to escape the fat and food shaming that has become such a pervasive aspect of our culture that even the holidays are apparently not immune. Oh, I guess I’ll eat this cookie, but I’m going to be so fat thanks to Christmas. I’m definitely going to have … [Read more…]


In my last post, I ranted about why working out is annoying to me, and touched a little on why I don’t do it regularly. That post started with me talking about shapewear and how I bought some this year for the first time in my life. The reason for that purchase was that I … [Read more…]