on writing

My last post was actually supposed to contain a hilarious anecdote about my time living at that farmhouse with my dad and all the critters I had and how he helped me deal with the loss of pets as a child. But I got so caught up in the backstory that I never got there. … [Read more…]

road rage tourettes

Usually I don’t have a lot of passengers, save for the dog when she’s not on crate rest. Rarely do I have human passengers, and this has become increasingly true in the past few years. This is and has always been especially true of road trips. Since I first obtained my license at seventeen, I … [Read more…]

Professional M-ass-age

As one of millions of uninsured Americans, I must find creative ways to treat the issues that plague me. Often the homeopathic remedy is healthier than rushing to the doctor for antibiotics, which is a common approach in our culture, though it is becoming less so. Were I insured, I probably would still employ some … [Read more…]


Recently I was on the phone with an ex boyfriend of mine with whom I still maintain a reasonably good rapport. That’s an awkward mouthful, and I could just say a friend, but the fact that we were once romantically involved is relevant to the story in that we cohabited for a little over a … [Read more…]