Bipolar Bear

Let’s talk about Bipolar II Disorder, shall we? Like I stated in my last post, I have had every intention of discussing it here. I wanted to do it within my own timeframe, but there is also a certain freedom in having your hand forced. No more procrastination. No more rationalizations for why now is … [Read more…]


In response to the post that was originally here, the person I dated on the rebound linked here and referred to me as a GIANT LIAR – all caps. Sometimes, people are not what we expect them to be. Sometimes, we are not what we expect to be. As adults who have lived decades of … [Read more…]

Humor Tools

For many of us, humor is our survival kit, loaded with all the tools we need to stay alive and functional. We drag it around with us and pull out various items as necessary, mechanisms we use to avoid making everyone around us uncomfortable. Unadulterated sadness, anguish, and despair makes human squirmy and so we … [Read more…]