The season of silence

The holidays are looming large and I can’t say that I am very excited about them at all. My relationship with the holidays has always been complicated. Our mom tried her hardest to make them warm and fun, but even as young children we could see the sadness in her eyes and feel the heaviness … [Read more…]


When I was a child, I was undeniably a Daddy’s Girl. I have always been a lot like my father, typically quiet and stubborn and restless. My parents divorced when I was six years old, and my mom decided to move with her new boyfriend and us girls from Central Illinois all the way to … [Read more…]

butty butt do

I was born in Decatur, Illinois at Decatur Memorial Hospital and I lived there with my family until I was not quite seven years old. My parents split up when I was five or six and divorced a bit later, and the house of which I have only fleeting memories was foreclosed on sometime after … [Read more…]