Bipolar Bear

Let’s talk about Bipolar II Disorder, shall we? Like I stated in my last post, I have had every intention of discussing it here. I wanted to do it within my own timeframe, but there is also a certain freedom in having your hand forced. No more procrastination. No more rationalizations for why now is … [Read more…]

Explanatory Interlude

Depression often comes with a variety of side effects, none of which are consistent across sufferers, or even across depressive bouts experienced by the same person. Depression might manifest this time with a large helping of anger and frustration, while next time it could come with a side of inconsolable crying, and the time after … [Read more…]

Florida, Part One

Recently I went to South Florida. The trip was originally scheduled for a work conference, but in looking at flights, it was much cheaper to fly down a few days in advance of the conference. I thought it might be nice to spend a little time exploring the coast, so we booked a flight for … [Read more…]