Sometimes you get a car where nothing goes right with it, the kind of car where every time you turn around there is something else wrong, some other thing that needs fixed or addressed or dealt with. You sort of want to drive the car off a cliff, or at least take it back to … [Read more…]

Fenton’s last breaths

Earlier this week I was spending some time with the rattie boys. They were gone for several weeks following my mom’s death, and I have a fair amount of parental guilt surrounding that. While I know this was best for them and for me, I still struggle with relinquishing them for a time. They are … [Read more…]

easy like Sunday morning

Sundays are often a day where I spend several hours cooking and cleaning to prepare for the week ahead. It is Family Day here at Casa De Nail (I forgot to mention that one of my favorite nicknames is “Nail”, courtesy of my friend Jenny; I’ll probably go by that nickname here full time). This … [Read more…]


Like his brother, Fenton is a Fancy Rat. He was named for this video, a video that I have watched dozens of times and that still makes me laugh until I cry. Fenton and Oliver are blood brothers. They are also brothers in the way that they are both my children. They are not brothers like … [Read more…]