Disjointed Vacation Updates

Tomorrow I will go back to work after an entire week away. I spent my time off catching up on some life things, watching bad television, sleeping and also not sleeping, and drinking alone. For some reason, I anticipated that I would be wildly productive and I would go soul searching all by myself and I would … [Read more…]

Farm cats

When you live in a farmhouse, cats tend to just appear. They show up two, three, seven at a time and suddenly you have a veritable army of semi-feral cats living all around your property. They form alliances and develop systems of government and kill a ton of mice. Sometimes it starts with just one swollen mama … [Read more…]

on writing

My last post was actually supposed to contain a hilarious anecdote about my time living at that farmhouse with my dad and all the critters I had and how he helped me deal with the loss of pets as a child. But I got so caught up in the backstory that I never got there. … [Read more…]


When I was a child, I was undeniably a Daddy’s Girl. I have always been a lot like my father, typically quiet and stubborn and restless. My parents divorced when I was six years old, and my mom decided to move with her new boyfriend and us girls from Central Illinois all the way to … [Read more…]