You are beautiful

I realize that my past several posts have contained some pretty serious warm and fuzzy undertones. Or they have at least ended with some like-a-Phoenix-from-the-ashes life lesson. I don’t mean to be nauseating. After my post about road rage, I figured I owed it to the universe to cool my jets a little bit. And … [Read more…]

butty butt do

I was born in Decatur, Illinois at Decatur Memorial Hospital and I lived there with my family until I was not quite seven years old. My parents split up when I was five or six and divorced a bit later, and the house of which I have only fleeting memories was foreclosed on sometime after … [Read more…]

The Spirit of Depression

“It’s a spirit,” she said. “Depression is a spirit and it fills your head with lies. I rebuke those lies right now and send them straight back to hell where they came from, and I bind that spirit in the name of┬áJesus.” She did that when she was serious about doing battle for the people … [Read more…]

brokeback: the diagnosis

Not quite three years ago, my dog became inexplicably lame. She suddenly couldn’t walk. It was December and I was at the tail end of finals as well as embroiled in endless holiday parties at the fine dining restaurant where I worked. I had left Joseph and her bff Jack at my then-boyfriend’s house when … [Read more…]


Sometimes you get a car where nothing goes right with it, the kind of car where every time you turn around there is something else wrong, some other thing that needs fixed or addressed or dealt with. You sort of want to drive the car off a cliff, or at least take it back to … [Read more…]